Dayton Rural Preservation Society

Supporting the preservation of rural farmland in HoCo, Md


Are certain members of this Task Force attempting to reverse CB-20-2014 passed in June?

Greg Fox (Dist 5) and Mary Kay Sigaty (Dist 4) introduced Council Resolution 74-2014 and it was passed by all councilmembers on July 7, 2014.  The Task Force was established to study mulching, composting, and wood processing policies and regulations with respect to Howard County land use planning processes and Zoning regulations.



Appointed by...


all County Councilmembers and Ken Ulman, County Executive in office June 2014 (Courtney Watson, Calvin Ball, Mary Kay Sigaty, Jen Terrasa, Greg Fox)

  1. Council District 1 - Martha Clark
  2. Council District 2 - Sean Harbaugh
  3. Council District 3 - Brent Loveless (alternate: Dale Fixsen)
  4. Council District 4 - Richard Goldman
  5. Council District 5 – Brent Rutley
  6. Dayton Rural Preservation Society, LLC - John Tegeris, Ph.D.  (alternate: Mike Navarre)
  7. Howard County Citizens' Association - Stu Kohn (alternate: Jacquie Sentell)
  8. Concerned Citizens of Western Howard County - Theodore Mariani
  9. Howard County Farm Bureau - Zack Brendel
  10. Howard Soil Conservation District - Robert Ensor (alternate: Keith Ohlinger)
  11. Howard County Agricultural Land Preservation Board - Lynn Moore
  12. Howard County Health Department, Bureau of Environmental Health  - Bert Nixon
  13. Howard County Dept of Public Works, Bureau of Environmental Services - Jeff Dannis
  14. Howard County Environmental Sustainability Board - Cathy Hudson
  15. Howard County Economic Development Authority - Kathy Zimmerman
  16. University of Maryland Extension - Gary Felton, Ph.D.
  17. Permit holder - Robert Orndorff, RLO Contractors, Inc.
  18. County Executive –  Rick Lober




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