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The Mulch Issue is BACK!!!

Posted by on July 2, 2017 at 7:25 PM
Over the last couple of years our DRPS board has worked tirelessly attending meetings of the Task Force set up by Ken Ulman and stacked against the interest of the people with political appointments that worked hard to sway even our newest county executive and our very own councilman, Greg Fox. They introduced CB 60-2017 after rejecting amendments DRPS put forth in our ZRA 160. Instead, they went with their ZRA 180 which does NOT protect Dayton and surrounding townships from industrial mulch processing on agricultural land. We could not be more disappointed in County Executive Kittleman and Councilman Greg Fox who sang a different tune in 2014 leading up to their elections. Both stated they would protect our farms from industrial mulch and composting business owners who are buying our farms hoping to do business on farmland instead of the M1/M2 zoned properties in Maryland all industrial processing should be on for very good reasons - safety, health and environment. We will continue to OPPOSE CB 60-2017 without *major* amendments being added in. Currently, as it reads, it doesn't even include Maryland Ag only Howard County Ag. The state owns ag preservation in Howard County. The bill we passed CB 20-2014 3 years ago prohibits industrial mulching on all ag preservation not just county owned. We will fight vigorously again this issue until we are assured that it is not possible for a tree clearing businessman like Bob Orndorff or Erich Bonner to buy up a farm and call it a "tree farm" only to use the land to process their tree clearing waste and truck it back out. We aren't stupid! We are on this issue and we will not let Dayton and surrounding townships down! ~ DRPS Board (all volunteers!)

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