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County Council Bills Introduced

Posted by on April 27, 2014 at 4:20 PM

Council Bills CB20 and CB21 have been submitted to the County Council and will be introduced as legislation to be publicly discussed on May 19th and voted on Jun 2nd.  There are KEY differences!

Council Bill 20 is derived from ZRA-149 and was introduced by Councilman Greg Fox and co-sponsored by Council women Mary-Kay Sigaty and Courtney Watson. This bill limits Natural Wood Waste Recycling on our local farms to 2% of the farm or one acre maximum.

Council Bill 21 is derived from DRPS ZRA-148 and proposes the definition of, and removal of Natural Wood Waste Recycling (industrial mulching) as a conditional use on our local farms. In summary, industrial mulching would only be allowed in industrial areas.

CB21 is the only way to ensure there is NO INDUSTRIAL OPERATIONS on Ag Preserve farms in HoCo Maryland!

The bills will be discussed at the May 19th County Council Session in an open, public forum and will be voted on by June 2nd.

They can be found on the County website CBs 20 and 21.

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