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Posted by on February 21, 2014 at 11:25 PM

DRPS:  Dayton Rural Preservation Society, LLC

Mission:  Working to change zoning laws and preserve the rural nature of Dayton, MD and those farms in agricultural preserve.

Read about the proposed mulching/composting facility that will bring in up to 50 large commercial trucks per day through Green Bridge and Ten Oaks Roads, the mulching smell that will reach miles to homes and school playgrounds, and the environmental and health concerns.

Industrial Composting/Mulch Facility Proposed in Rural Dayton, Maryland:


Second Composting Facility in Dayton, Maryland

Councilman Greg Fox Proposing Amendment:

Fox to Submit Zoning Amendment for Composting in Rural Areas

Despite Councilman's Fox hope to amend the zoning areas that will allow industrial mulching/composting, Dayton residents must rise to oppose any disturbance to agricultural preservation land to keep our area beautiful, mostly to residential traffic, and safe.

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