Dayton Rural Preservation Society

Supporting the preservation of rural farmland in HoCo, Md

Welcome, Preservers! 


We are proud to represent our Howard County, Maryland community in preventing industrial mulch and compost businesses from moving onto or operating on Agricultural Preservation farmland. 


Last Spring, we had a glorious victory with Council Bill 20-2014. 


Last Fall, we were able to ensure an illegally operating mulch and compost business on Maryland Ag Preserve farmland was shut down.


Now, we face a new wave of push back from the industrial mulch businesses and their supporters.  We just wrapped up the Mulch Task Force and our community report is ready for review complete with evidence supporting why industrial mulch/compost does not belong on Ag Preserve farmland in our rural communities but rather in industrial zoned areas of Maryland.


No More Industrial Mulch Operations on

Maryland Ag Preserve or Howard County Ag Preserve

in all of Howard County!

Council Bill 20's intent was to shut down the Woodbine industrial mulch facility on State Ag Preserve farmland and prevent future industrial mulch facilities in Dayton, Sykesville and any Howard County ag preserve land.


Task Force created in June 2014 was to tweak necessary language in Council Bill 20 that would ensure true farming operations remain supported.  Instead, is Council Bill 20 headed for complete reversal?

We've had two huge victories, BUT

this fight is not over!

Agricultural Preservation in HoCo is at risk!
Robert Orndorff/RLO Contractors petitioned to move 16 acres of industrial mulching and composting of off-site materials from Route 1 to Dayton Ag Preserve farmland risking our safety, health, environment, house values, and quality of life as rural residents.  This effort was stopped by the passing of CB 20-2014 in June 2014.  However, Mr. Orndorff purchased the Muth farm in February 2014 for this purpose and we will watch any attempt to use that property for anything other than true farming operations.

Woodbine:  An illegally operating mulch grinding facility on State Ag Preserve  was shut down by HoCo DPZ after being in violation of MDE's requirement to have an NWWR license to operate such a facility and for seven years illegally operating on Ag Preserve farmland instead of M1 or M2 zoned properties.

We will stay on these issues and any attempt to change the legislation in Howard County to undo the efforts of CB-20-2014!
Do you want...
- up to 50 large semi and commercial trucks on our rural roads per day?
- to jeopardize the safety of our school children, runners, cyclists?
- groundwater and air contamination threatening your family's health?
- overbearing odor for miles reaching your property and the school yard?
- mulch-grinder, back-up vehicle beepers and "Jake Brake" truck noises?
- large industries moving onto our local farms?

If not, we urge you to join our efforts!

We must change Howard County zoning laws that were recently amended.


JBRK, LLC/Orndorff Project Proposal:

Industrial Mulch Manufacturing, Soil Processing and Composting Facility 

on Dayton agricultural preservation farmland

Site:  Green Bridge Road, Dayton, Maryland

Help DRPS to Preserve Dayton


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Recently, another 1200 acres was added to over 21,000 acres permanently preserved in Howard County's Rural West.  At that time, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman stated:

“I want to thank these landowners and the Agricultural Land Preservation Board for helping us protect the Rural West now and for future generations
.  Preserving our farmland goes hand-in-hand with protecting the quality of life in Howard County.  Local farms provide us with healthy, locally-grown food, scenic landscapes, jobs and recreational opportunities.”

Recently elected County Executive Allan Kittleman who lives on Ag Preserve farmland has supported our mission statement and he needs to keep Ulman's promise and not give Ag Preserve land up for industrial exploitation!